is an experiment of resonances between:

the human voice & architecture


resonor is a soundinstallation

for the big water reservoir in Berlin


Exhibition opening:

3. february 2017  at  6 pm !

Installation running from 4. to 5.  february from 12 am to 8 pm.

Performance with Hardi Kurda on  4. february at 6pm.

Free admission!

(Entry at Belforterstrasse, U2 Senefelder Platz, Berlin)

Thanks to all persons that contribute to bring this project into life.

Specially to Thomas Koch, Peter Cusack and Thomas Bévand, and also for their support: Sarah Schmitt and Shaheed Naji.


Thanks to institutions:

Förderband Kulturinitiative e.V. and University of Arts Berlin, ZIW – Sound Studies.